Applesauce Gingerbread
1 box gingerbread mix
jar of applesauce

restaurant-sized cans to cook in the coals
Grease or lightly butter insides of the clean, cans. Open the applesauce and divide between the buttered cans. Mix the gingerbread according to package instructions. Divide batter by gently spooning into the two cans atop the applesauce. Cover tops with foil and place in stirred, even coals after dinner is cooked. After about 15 minutes check to see if gingerbread is nicely raised and steamy. At this point, if you're not ready to serve, leave a little edge open so some steam can escape, unless it needs to keep cooking. When ready to eat dessert, simply spoon portions with hot applesauce and cake onto plates or bowls. Serves 6-8