Thank you for creating this site and compiling so much useful information...and for letting me join with no fees or obligations.

I saw Budget101 posts intermittently on my Facebook feed before I decided to "like" the page so I could see more. The postings fascinate and entertain me because I've been on a restricted budget for years. I've also always enjoyed crafting and building things for myself. I often find that self-made things work better, last longer and have stronger aesthetic appeal than commercial products.

Additionally, in the last few years I've developed a disability that causes increasing mobility limitations, and that means a lot of products made for the average consumer don't fit my needs at all. Disabled people often become creative problem solvers so they can adapt products for their specific and particular needs.

So now I'm very glad and relieved to have another source of solutions for the varied problems I've run into every day. I look forward to exploring the new information which is always presented in a positive and motivating way.

And I'd be even more pleased if I could possibly contribute in some small way by posting on this forum. For now I'll just say, "Hello and how are you," to all my fellow registered members, and happy DIY problem solving!