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Le Puppy
Genre: Games
Release Date: February 14, 2014

Le puppy... quite possibly the most "addicting" game in the world. (Seriously.. don't even bother downloading this game unless you are willing to spend hours trying to get further on the path than you did last round, and spend the coins (bones) you accumulate after each round on unlocking new puppy characters!)

Your task? Simple. Just run through the forest and collect as many bones as you can... The only challenge is to jump over any logs that might block your path. Don't be fooled, jumping these logs seems like a simple task... but it's actually really hard... Like really really annoying... Like the dog jumps pretty high but the logs are SUPER long and it's really hard to jump at just the right time so you don't hit the log, and sometimes you miss and get frustrated and throw your iDevice out of your window but then it lands in a strangers lap and they start playing Le Puppy as well and then after they get bored (which will happen like never), but let's say they do get bored, they leave the iDevice on a near-by bench and you go find it and find out even they could jump over more logs than you could and collect more tiny bones than you could and what the heck is wrong with your ability to jump little logs as a virtual puppy, but then you realize it's just a game and there are more important things in the world like pizza, and dating, and bones, and jumping logs, and oh gosh, I'm thinking about Le Puppy again.. why is it so ADDICTING!? Must jump tiny logs and collect tiny bones, and unlock as many cool tiny virtual puppy-characters as possible... Ahhhhhhh!

(Long story short, the app is FREE and you might have nothing better to do with your time)

*Use of the word "Addicting" is exaggerated.

*"LePuppy" and "Le Puppy" are both terms of Apps4Life, LLC.
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© 2014, Apps4Life, LLC.

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