Remember to set your iOS device's date back to before February 19, 2014 before installing!

Howcan I install GBA4iOS?
Unlike other apps for iOS, you can not install GBA4iOS from the App Store. Until GBA4iOS 2.0 is released, you can download version 1.6 from iEmulators, run by Start3rs, an awesome group of people who are beta testing GBA4iOS 2.0. To install, open the link on your iOS device, and follow the instructions at the top of the page.

When will GBA4iOS 2.0 be released?
February 19, 2014.

What devices are supported?
GBA4iOS 2.0: Any iOS device running iOS 7 or higher, optimized for iPad
GBA4iOS 1.6: Any iOS device running iOS 6 or higher, letterboxed on iPads

Does 7.1 break GBA4iOS?
No. There have been enhanced security measures put in place by Apple to prevent downloading of unsafe software, but a fix for this will be in place when 2.0 is released.