As of today, we are in search of approximately 2-3 bloggers to contribute articles/blogs on various topics.

If you are interested in being a blogger for the site, please read on!

We are opening this up to our community only, you must be a registered member with 5 or
more posts on the site to apply.

We need people with good writing skills (grammar, language, etc) who are willing to write consistently and be dedicated to it.

We are not seeking someone to write a few articles/blogs and then stop. Not all who show interest will be selected, please be ready to provide a writing sample for consideration.

Some things you need to know:

* we will limit to 4 posts/ articles per person per day (up to $140 per week/$560 per month)
* an average post should be 400-800 words but it can be longer
* we are looking at quality / interest-level /
* topics we are looking for:

  • Step by step craft making with photos of completed craft
  • Informative articles on homemade gift ideas with photo of finished gift
  • DIY- Informative articles on DIY Remodeling/Makeovers/household repair, etc
  • MYO Recipes (w/ Photo)
We have these requirements because we will be paying $4.00 - $15.00 per post/article. You will need a Paypal account to receive your funds.

(Paypal accounts are free)

If you are interested, You can Apply Here.