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A Retro Superhero
Miracle Studios
Genre: Games
Release Date: February 11, 2014

You don't wanna throw your phone after playing this!!!

Over 400,000 downloads in 3 days! WOW thanks everyone.. Here is what some have to say

"You have to download the game - just for the music "

"A great entertaining game!"

" Wow the superhero is SOOOO cutee"

We are really sorry about the intrusiveness about the ads and the crashing issues in the first version - We have rectified all major issues in the game and you can have a good time playing it...

GO 8-BIT AND START FLYING - in Retro SuperHero The Retro SuperHero is here to save the day on his crazy,adventure! Take flight and zoom through the skies at an unbelievable pace on your quest to save the world! Fly like a bird, and fall like a meteor - can you help the Retro SuperHero stay inflight?

Retro SuperHero is a young superhero... and thatís why he needs your help! Tap the screen to make him fly, and maneuver around deadly obstacles that will end your magnificent flight!

The aim of your flight is to collect as many hearts as possible - whatís more, to prolong your flight, you can collect power ups and play like never before in a game that will leave your palms sweaty and your heart racing!

Some people just donít like having fun, and thatís why they are out to get the Retro SuperHero! Avoid missiles and torpedoes as they fire towards you and use your magic abilities to control your altitude... how long will you survive? Zoom off and become a hero -

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