Sunday, February 16, 2014


I recently ran across Super Laundry Sauce being sold in one of my local flea markets. So I decided I would go online and find the recipe for myself. WOW did that open a lot of doors for me. I really love this site. It is chalked full of DIY & MYO recipes that I know I am going to use. I also love how the cost analysis is done on most of the items.

So a little about me… I am 34, disabled, and suffering from severe depression. I have a really bad habbit of getting on a craft kick, and usually have 3 different things going on at once. Needless to say, none come to fruition. So I have partial craft projects scattered throughout my home. My therapist and I are trying to correct this personality flaw.

I live in Springfield, MO, with my husband of 9 years. We have a nice home sitting on a double lot with superb landscaping. We have two dogs, 4 chickens, 10 finches, and a 55gallon fish tank full of fish. The snow has finally melted. I hope we are on a path to spring/summer. I garden so that kinda gets me outta my mental rut. I also run a Candle, Lye Soap, and Body Lotion business. I have a few flea market booths which I use to sell my product. I own the website for my products, but I just have not put the time into getting the site up and running.

For Now,
Josh Hawkins