Hello My name is Jacey. I joined today after being on here bopping around for hours last night. I downloaded the free book yesterday and read that as well. I have tried many many times using coupons and all I do is end up frustrating myself to no end so I thought I would read the book and try this site. Nothing hurts to try right? I am a stay at home mother of 6 wee ones, 2 of which are grown and on their own. Where I live rent prices are high and food prices are high as well. Sometimes you feel as though you have to choose between having a place to live or feeding your family. No one should have to choose between the two and no one should feel that feeding your family junk food is the cheapest way to go either. At this point I am completely frustrated and willing to try anything just short of starving myself to feed the kids! I found a lot of useful information on here all ready and I am just looking around. I do wish the craft section and the DIY section was a little bigger, but everything else I see here is wonderful so far. Thank you.