I love,love,love this site. When my children were younger, much younger. like 19 or 20 years ago. Well anyway I was a homeschool Mom. And I subscribe to a mag. gosh I cant remember the name of the mag. But anyway she lived in Washington state, Had several children, the mag. was filled with lots of frugal living tips. Anyway this is way better. I'm 50 years old now and just got my first computer, (my son and daughter-in-law blessed me with one) love my children. Anyway if anyone remembers this mag. send me a note. I love to garden and also love your laundry soap, that's how I found you. And now I want to learn how to make hand soap and fabric softener and anything else I can make. Thank you for your hard work to keep this site going, sometimes I stay on here to long, and talk to much . Thanks again and GOD bless you.