Hi there, I'm a new 'forum' member. I've been to the site itself several times. I've lived on a fixed disability budget for 26 years and I will be 45 on Sunday. As prices go up, the pension does not. It is therefore, very important for me to figure out inexpensive ways to live.
I'm very crafty and have far too many hobbies to list. I make most of my gifts and that keeps my days busy, especially in winter. Anybody looking forward to Spring yet?
I buy grocery cards - one for each week of the month. I pay my bills as soon as my money is in, buy my bus pass and if there is money left over, it is for 'fun' items. I also use THIS money to buy my cat food, litter and her treats. My grocery money is that - groceries for me. Cats as pets are a privilege and her supplies come out of my fun money.
I'm sure I'll learn a lot more than I thought I've learned already, and I hope to pass on some ideas to all of you or at least some of you as well.