Hi I'm primrose, supposed to be retired but love to run my small Bed and breakfast. I live in the UK in a very old oak beamed stone cottage with hubby who helps me tend the garden. I do all 'the flowery bits' and help him to grow all our fruit and veg. My freezers are jam packed with produce and pantry is stacked to the ceiling with all my home made preserves. I'm a canny wee Scott so when I found this site yesterday I just had to try out the laundry sauce recipe as I had almost ran out of my shop bought one. Well I did a wash last night (cheaper on economy 7) and wow it worked a treat. Have to say I was dubious of it working as I have tried a home made powder laundry cleaner before which wasn't very good. Will be working my way around this site eventually but for now have to get on with chores. Sunday lunch today is roast loin of pork glazed with thyme from our garden and honey from our bees, mash potatoes, carrots, roast parsnips, spring greens and gravy and for afters Apple crumble with apples from our orchard and good old fashioned custard from a tin! Ha ha. Cheerio for now.