I am Diana and I am one of the managers at McD's near the beach. I am way low on the totem pole so it is not the glamour job at times! I decided to go back to work after my husband retired in 2011. We downsized to a 38 foot fifth wheel.I gave up my garden, hen house and old farm house I had to offer my husband his "season". After about 7 months or so, I was about to go stir crazy.So off to work I went.I thought I would be able to ease the too tight budget but no matter how much I earned it was spent. Now after two years on the job, I am yearning for another piece of land so I can do my mini farm.So that means saving and rethinking our priorities. I have never lost the love of gardening and canning. We live in a very nice mobile home park in a single wide we bought last year or so. We sold our camper to another couple starting out their dream.My activities are limited here that I can do( No big garden or chickens). So we are on a quest to not only pay off what little we owe. But also to save for a piece of land we can call our own some day. Land is very expensive around here and we might have to move further inland. But my dream is to buy a piece of land just big enough for our needs and still be able to live on his pension only.