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Angry Princess: 2014 GO!
Genre: Games
Release Date: February 4, 2014

"Angry Princess: 2014 GO!" is a unique adventure that blends together the best elements in physics-based Action, Puzzle, and RPG, inspired by the ultra classics and now with amusing depth, gameplay, and strategy.

The knight and his battle team shall obey the Princess and the laws of physics! Use the Princess to Kick the soldiers into battle by pulling the Princess back and aim the soldier at the monsters. Be sure to target the boss monster’s weak points, each monster has a different one!

Help the Princess battle the monsters that stood in her path, and help the boyish Princess in her pursuit of her kingdom, sugary dessert, handsome love interests, among other amusing things.

** Get unique characters with different abilities.
** Battle with the characters that you raised!
** Simple and fun gameplay! Different set of monsters for every island!
** Trigger special skills by tapping the screen while the solder is in mid-air.
** To defeat the monsters, you need to plan your battle team like a puzzle!
** Defeat the Special Random Boss for a chance to earn rare items!

Battle the monsters with one-of-a-kind characters, strength them and learn to use their unique abilities! Win special items by defeating special random bosses! Level up the soldiers’ items and weapons to ensure a quick victory! You can equip soldiers with a variety of swords, bows, spears, ninja stars, snipers rifles, holy spells, and magic staffs; every soldier has their own special ability. Learn to use the team wisely; you may need different combination of skills to defeat the Special Boss monsters and get rare items!

More updates with new characters, and features coming soon!

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