Hope you can bare with me, I'm new to threads and feeds etc and REALLY unsure of how to do this, a bit like "Barefoot Julie", I'm a bit lost on the processes with the ads and threads etc. I can comment on a post but totally lost on threads. Never mind, I'll eventually get it if you're patient

I am a solo mum on a small farm in Australia and I have 3kids and 1 Grandchild. My youngest is 10yo and horse-mad. I don't get to town very often and prefer to buy in bulk and save some time with preps etc. There's never enough hours in the day! We try to keep as much of our stuff chemical free as practically possible due to chemical intolerances. Plenty of livestock to keep us on our toes. I am looking forward to some of the recipes, DIY and tips'n'tricks etc with great gusto! Can't wait to see how some turn out! Ecstatic that I stumbled onto this site January has been one of the most challenging months, death of family members and pets, other hiccups and to top it off, my other property was burnt out 2 weeks ago in bushfires and no insurance, so I'm looking forward to some new frugal ideas! Now I can get on with the rest the year and roll with whatever comes my way. Hopefully lots of laughs and great times with family and friends and welcome in the new. Laughter is so important and treating others with respect are 2 core things at our place. Thank you for reading Annette