i am having to do a contanier garden this year. we adopted a dog that
seems to enjoy digging up the ground even the grass.
we thought about putting her in where we normally do gardening... but
this last year i found out my veggies in the garden were not getting
enough sunlight. because hubby had to plant grapes on the fence to
the garden. so now they get the most sun and the garden gets a
i try to plant last year veggies in the front.. but the city noticed
it and told me that is a no no. we cant have that in the front yard.
but... we could have a fruit tree in the front yard...
get that?!!!???!!!
they confuse me... i wish my house gets alot of sun.. te front yard
faces north and my back yard faces south.
the only room that gets alot of light is the family room. which we
already have an orange tree in there and two palm trees in the room.
so i dont have room to get more plants in the room
i wish my laundary room gets light. we do but it is a small light and
it comes from the kitchen door window. i wish i could find a table to
put there to grow some plants... but we need the door to get outside
to the back yard.
argh... win or loose... what a battle...
i have an uncle who is a truck driver... and he mentioned that
everything that we all survive on will be skyrocketing this year. i
heard on the news taht the gas will be tops at 3 dollars a gallon and
stay that way for a while. so he my uncle mentioned that is the
reason why food and milk and everything we all purchase even our gas
is high.
it cost our truckers to get gas in their semi's and then ship away.

he also said there is alot of truck companies that are folding due to
the increase of gas prices.
so basically if we want to save we need to provide our own. or if
someone has a large field to be able to share the field with
families. if families have cows for milk or goats to share.
but like that really will happen...
my hubby and his best friend is contiplating to purchase a plot of
land and moving on it as a group and sharing the land.
hoping that we can help each other in the cost.

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