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Mynd - Smart Calendar & Meeting Scheduler
Alminder Inc.
Genre: Productivity
Release Date: October 24, 2012

Mynd Calendar from Alminder Inc. is an intelligent mobile calendar designed for busy people on the go. It acts like a virtual assistant, making your life easier – both at home and at work. It was named one of the “Ten Best iOS Calendar Apps” by The Next Web and gets great reviews from CBS, Wired, GigaOm, LifeHacker, Business Insider, Gear Patrol, The Next Web, CNet, TechRepublic and others.

Replace your existing calendar(s) with Mynd Calendar, and within a week, you’ll see it get smarter and improve your productivity. Mynd Calendar learns where you spend your time and the people that you meet along the way, becoming increasingly smarter and more helpful the more you use it. It stays at least one step ahead of you, working behind the scenes to save you effort, prepare you for your meetings, and get from point A to B on time. It is incredibly easy to setup and syncs seamlessly with your existing calendar(s). Mynd Calendar also integrates with Apple Reminders to bring easy task management directly to your calendar.

Mynd Calendar is ideal for road warriors. It is the ONLY smart calendar that accurately identifies the places you're going and accurately predicts (even far in advance) how much buffer time you need to schedule between meetings given the typical traffic at that time of day. As you get closer to your appointments, Mynd Calendar tells you when to leave, based on current traffic conditions and launches your favorite navigation app. If you’re not on the road frequently, we now offer you the ability to turn off our location based services and alerts.

Mynd Calendar is a 100% free calendar app with the following key features:
* One click to call and join conference calls…Never type in an access code again!
*“Mynd Scheduler” (New!) makes it easy to propose multiple meeting times directly from your phone… Just tap on the times you’re available, add your proposed attendees and location information, and Mynd will create a beautifully formatted email you can send to proposed attendees to gauge their availability. The times you've proposed will remain blocked off on your calendar until the meeting is finalized.
* Set-up custom alert tones to gently prompt you when to leave for a meeting, dial into a conference call (New!), or start an event.
* Unique home screen gives a summary of your day, with photos, weather forecast, mileage, and stats on how you spend your time.
* Uses adaptive learning to assign locations to regular meetings without addresses (e.g. "gym&#34. Always remembers your home and work locations.
* Notifies you when you're running late and lets you easily email, call or text the people who need to know from within the calendar.
* Connects your Address Book, easily allowing you to contact meeting attendees by phone, text or email directly from Mynd Calendar.
* Discovers the people listed in your calendar events and displays pictures and information from their LinkedIn profiles as well as information from your address book.

* Integrates with LinkedIn and Evernote to discover information about people and attach notes to meetings.
* Supports multiple calendars (anything you’re already syncing to iCal).
* Enables creation of calendar invitations using Siri.
* Gives you granular control over when Location Services are used.
* Alminder Inc., takes your privacy and data protection seriously.

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