This is one of my kids' favorite:

Bean dip:

layer a can of beans *homemade would be cheaper... I guess I am just lazy and
usually always have a can of beans ~ cheap 2/$1 in the pantry. This is usually
a spur of the moment meal!* so .50

layer of sour cream *use about 8 oz. so .50*

shredded mild cheddar cheese *could use any kind~ that is the kind we like!*
usually use 8 oz. .99

diced tomatoes *from mom's garden, free!*

You can add whatever you like after that~ green onions, avocado or guacamole,
black olives, taco seasoning...

Serve w/tortilla chips *can usually find a bag for $1.50*

Meal for $3.50... LOL~ sorry guys I am not good at "itemizing" or sharing
recipes I just kinda put together off the top of my head!

Of course, if you did the homemade beans, that would be less... also, if you
made your own corn tortillas and fried them that would bring your cost down