My boyfriend is Scottish, and his dad has taught me all different kinds of ways to eat cheap. Of everything I've tried, this is one of the recipes I was sure I'd like the least... Turns out it's one of my faves! Not only that, but it's dirt cheap to make and is basically a set & forget meal.

What you need
-1lb ground beef
-Bouillon (I use an oxo cube)
-Flour or Bisto to thicken
-Milk (optional)
-Butter or Margarine (optional)

1. Brown ground beef and onion (you can use other vegetables too if you want to make a healthier version or have veggies to use up - root ones work best) in a pot

2. Add water and bullion to pot (about 3/4 - 1 cup) and let simmer for 30 mins - 4 hours (the longer the better), Salt and pepper to taste.
3. Make potatoes of your choice (I like to do it with mashed, so I use milk and butter).
4. Add thickener to meat until desired thickness is reached
5. Put meat/veggie mixture on potatoes and enjoy!

It may not sound like the most appealing meal, but trust me - It's absolutely delicious and incredibly adaptable to your own personal tastes! Not only that, but it's super filling and could easily fill a big family on a budget.