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Wonder Polls: Question Everything! Free
Tim Busbee
Genre: Games
Release Date: August 20, 2013

Featured on iFunny! An exciting game of useless polling awaits you. Ask your own polls, then share them to get your friends anonymous answers. I could take more of your time explaining it, but you should really just download the app.

Would you rather have sausages for fingers or shrimp for teeth? If you could make 1 thing illegal which would it be? Wonder Polls will tickle your brain while you answer some of the most insightful and humorous questions ever conceived. You can even come up with your own intriguing and bizarre poll! If we like your poll it might even get featured.

+ Swipe left to skip a poll or go to the next one
+ Ask your own questions view them in My Polls
+ Read/Leave comments on all the polls
+ Thousands of questions
+ Never answer the same question twice, well, maybe not
+ Search for specific questions
+ Watch videos or look at photos explaining some of the questions
+ Public section with thousands of user generated polls

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