Father's Day Wind Chimes

You will need:

clean, empty 8 oz. margarine tubs made of thin plastic
construction paper
hole puncher
clear nylon fishing line
1/2" diameter metal washers

1. Place the tubs upside down on a table and decorate them, using scraps of
construction paper and glue. They can make collages of different shapes or
they can cut letters out of construction paper and glue them to the tubs to
form messages.

2. Set the tubs aside to dry. After, the glue has dried thoroughly, use the
hole puncher to punch four holes along rim of each tub. The holes should be
about 1/2 " from the edge of each tub and evenly spaced out.

3. Cut four 12" lengths of fishing line and eight metal washers. The children
tie one end of each piece of fishing line to a metal washer.

4. Help the children thread one piece of fishing line through each hole in
their tubs. As they thread each piece of line through a hole, they

immediately tie a second metal washer to the free end of that piece of
fishing line.

5. After the children have attached all the washers to their wind chimes,
place the tubs upside down (bottoms up). With a sharpened pencil, poke two
holes about 1" apart in the center of the bottom of each tub. Thread a 12"
length of fishing line through bottom holes and tie the ends together to make
a hanger for the wind chimes.

6. The wind chimes can be hung indoors or outside. Each pare of metal washers
should be positioned so that the two touch each other. When air moves past
them, they will produce a pleasant clinking sound.