Hi to All!
I am so excited to be here and to join such an exciting group with such awe inspiring ideas. I actually just chanced upon this site through a link on Pinterest. Now I can't wait to get started on all sorts of budget saving adventures.

I have been trying to make different laundry soaps and can't wait to try the Laundry Sauce. Some of the others seemed to leave a greyish tinge to my whites. Anyone have any suggestions for that????? I'm sure hoping that the Laundry Sauce will leave my clothes, and especially my kitchen dish towles,
looking clean and white.

So anyway, I am a city girl moved to the mountains of North Carolina now that we have retired. I am trying to learn how to can and preserve our glorious bounty from our garden. During these colder days I am trying to learn how to make my cleaning more efficient and less expensive, as well as find all sorts of new ideas to diy our mountain home.