My name is Linda Webb. I am the mother of 3, grandmother of 4. I am a surgical nurse by trade. My hobbies are astrophysics, nanotechnology, and I also knit. I love to knit these cute little baby sweaters with hoods and zippers down the back. They are quick and easy and a very personal gift that cannot be bought in the store so it means so much more to a new mommy.
I am divorced and on my own, except for two teenage kids still at home and two fur kids who don't know they are dogs. Their names are Bennie and Annie. They are Pitt Bulls (although there is really no such official breed) and they are the biggest babies. They are like having toddlers in the house again. Annie is a registered therapy dog and I can take her to hospitals and nursing homes for therapy visits.
I never knew about this site until I saw a posting on Facebook about the Super Laundry Sauce and I am SOOOO glad I saw it. It must be Karma because I was in Walmart last week, before the blizzard, and saw the Naptha. I bought a bar not having a clue what I'd do with it. Just thought it was interesting. I knew the ancient Isrealites had use of this product (I'm also a history nerd) and thought it was cool and had never seen it in the store. I'm going out tomorrow to get the jars and the Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. I already have the Mule Team Borax powder because I use it to sprinkle around the outside of the house to keep ants out. (Works like a charm...didn't see a single ant last summer). I'm excited about this site and glad to be a member. Glad to meet all of you. Be well.

Linda A. Webb RN BSN