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    Default This for That- What's it Called?

    Some of our members who live overseas are having a difficult time figuring out what the "equivalent ingredient" is in their country in various recipes. Also, some of the older recipes use a different name for an ingredient. So I thought we could compile a list of Ingredients that This for That- aka Common Equivalents for American Ingredients

    This For That:

    Oleo in a Recipe = Butter or Margarine

    andouille sausage = smoked sausage

    aubergine eggplant

    Baking Trays = Cookie Sheets

    bicarbonate of soda = baking soda

    broad beans = fava beans = broad beans

    butter lettuce = butterhead lettuce = cabbage lettuce

    capsicum = sweet pepper or bell pepper = green or red pepper

    castor sugar = superfine sugar = caster sugar

    chick peas = garbanzo beans = chick peas

    chillies = hot peppers = chillies

    chokos = chayote = chayota

    (to) chop = mince = (to) chop

    coriander = Chinese parsley = coriander

    corned beef = salt beef = corned beef

    cornflour = cornstarch = cornflour

    cos lettuce = Romaine lettuce = Cos or Romaine lettuce

    cilantro = fresh coriander

    cream = light cream = single cream

    corn syrup = golden syrup

    confectioners' sugar = icing sugar

    cube sugar = loaf sugar = cube or lump sugar

    essence = extract

    eggplant = eggplant or aubergine (pronounced obergine) = aubergine

    EVVO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    fillet (of meat) = tenderloin = fillet

    firmly beaten egg whites = dry egg whites = firmly beaten egg whites

    fried = pan-broiled or pan fried = fried

    frosting = icing

    frozen whipped topping = Cool Whip = long-life whipped UHT cream

    frying pan = skillet

    garbanzo beans = chickpeas

    glace fruit = candied fruit

    graham cracker = digestive biscuit

    gravy beef = stew beef = gravy beef

    great Northern beans = cannellini beans

    grill, griller = broil, broiler = gril, griller

    ground rice, rice flour = rice flour

    hard-boiled egg = hard cooked egg

    heavy cream = whipping cream

    ham steaks = gammon steaks

    icing sugar = confectioners' sugar = icing sugar, powdered sugar

    king prawns = jumbo shrimps

    jam = conserve = jam, conserve

    king prawns = jumbo shrimps = shrimps

    lasagna noodles = lasagne sheets

    mince / minced meat = ground (meat) = mince / minced (meat)

    molasses = treacle

    morello or sour cherries = sour cherries = morello cherries

    mortadella = baloney = mortadella

    oatmeal = porridge

    offal = variety meat = offal

    okra = ladies fingers or gumbo

    papaw, pawpaw = papaya = pawpaw

    pimientos = pimientos = pimentos

    pizza crust = pizza base

    potato chips = potato crisps

    pork tenderloin = pork fillet

    plain flour = all purpose flour = AP flour

    potato flour = potato starch = potato flour

    prawns = shrimps

    (to) rub butter or fat into dry ingredients = cut in shortening = (to) rub butter or fat into dry ingredients

    spring onions schallots green onions scallions

    semolina = farina

    sesame seeds = benne seeds

    shallots, spring onion = scallions, green onions = spring onions

    shortcrust pastry = basic pastry or shortcrust pastry = shortcrust

    snow peas = sugar snap peas = mange tout

    sour cream = dairy sour cream = soured cream

    stock cubes = bouillon cubes

    saltanas = seedless white raisins or golden raisins = white raisins or saltanas

    shortening (e.g., Crisco®) = butter or margarine, or vegetable fat spread (e.g., Stork®)

    sweets thermometer = jellmeter = jam or candy thermometer

    Swiss roll pan = jelly-roll pan

    tomato paste = tomato puree

    thickened cream = heavy cream = double cream

    unsalted butter = sweet butter = unsalted butter

    whole wheat flour = wholemeal flour

    zucchini = courgette

    Ok- that's all I could come up with- Care to Chime in on this one??


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    Default Re: This for That- What's it Called?

    In crochet, because I like it... a treble in Australian/Uk English is the same as a double crochet in American English.

    Graham flour is also similar to whole wheat flour.

    Cookies = sweet biscuits.

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    Default Re: This for That- What's it Called?

    Thanks! I needed this, it will help me so much.



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