Hi Everyone,

I was looking at Pinterest and come across someone's pin of the super laundry sauce recipe. I've seen and read this recipe before but decided to join the forum today. Years ago I used to make my own dry laundry detergent, I loved how my clothes felt & smelled after using it -- hubby wasn't convinced, lol if it doesn't suds up he thinks his clothes aren't being cleaned.

So I am thinking in a few weeks of making the Super Laundry sauce, and trying it out my my family's laundry again. I am a SAHM to 5 children, including my 11 month old baby, and my hubby works as a Trucking Supervisor for a local company -- he does some mechanic work if he's got nothing else to do and I'm curious to see how the Super Laundry sauce works on his smelly work clothes (especially the sweat too).

Lol, i have to wait a few weeks because I am recovering from foot & ankle surgery and I have been downstairs only twice since surgery 2 months ago. All my ingredients are downstairs in the laundry room cupboards. My 9 yo son does an amazing job (for his age) on washing our clothes.

I'm ready to get back to doing more DIY and frugal stuff so I am really looking forward to learning what I can from this website.

=) Gayle in Utah