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    Default Newbie104: Levels of Registration

    We have several different levels of registration here in the forums.

    As a Guest (non-registered Visitor) you can view most of the forums, threads and posts. You will see additional banner advertisements at the top, bottom and side of each page.

    As a Registered Member, you can view all of the forums, threads and posts, including a couple private forums for higher ranking members. You will also notice that some of the ads that were located at the bottom of each page have suddenly disappeared.

    Ground Level Lurkers - registered members with very few posts have limited access to features & are unable to send Private messages. (This is for prevention) . This also helps prevent new members from feeling overwhelmed with features and gives you a chance to get a feel for how the site works and where things are located.

    Registered Members with more than 5 Posts - are considered to be Active Members and are granted additional abilities as they reach higher post counts.
    Some of these features include:

    1. Ability to PM other Users
    2. Additional Private Message Space
    3. Additional Photograph space and increase in photo size
    4. Access to Albums Feature
    5. Access to Custom Usergroups
    6. Email Features such as email a friend
    7. Additional Posting/editing Features
    8. Additional Calendar Features
    9. Increase in Signature features
    10. Ability to Dismiss Persistent Notices
    11. Automatic Twitter Updates on your Profile Page
    12. Coupon Wishlist under your Username
    13. Ability to Create Social Groups
    14. Ability to Tag others threads
    15. Fewer Ads visible- as a sign of our appreciation to your valuable contributions to the site, we've removed more ads from your view.

    Members with 25+ Posts:Our Referral board becomes available (for sharing points, winzy, , blinko, etc).
    The above listed features increase again and another ad disappears!

    Members with 50+ Posts:
    The Coupon Swap board becomes available (for swapping items, coupons, etc)
    The above listed features increase again.

    For those who wish to Immediately Remove ALL ads from their site we offer an Ad Free User Experience for supporting Members.

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