I've tried 2 batches of the laundry soap~~used the ivory, borax and washing
soda. It just didn't clean (for me) like even the cheaper liquid soaps. Now we
have really hard water~~could that be the difference? I'm all up for doing
things cheaper, but when the clothes were looking dingy~and one house dress
(thank God it was just a house dress) never recovered that dingy look. I just
quit using it. The dress was a black and white check~the white was turning a
light grey

It wasn't saving me money in the long run. We don't spend alot on clothes, so I
need them to get good and clean.

Oh~for what it's worth. Also read to use the wash on 6 minutes ~no more. It
just redeposits the dirt if washed for longer. And I do this~no dingy clothes.
Less lint when I use the dryer also. Less wear and tear on clothes, less
electricity and less wear on the washer.


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