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    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I discovered this site via Pinterest and cannot begin to express how excited I am to explore, experience, and share this fabulous site. I am very impressed with the organization of this site, ease of use, and the commitment from the site creators to make it not only informative, but also a community site for sharing. The Budget information drew me to this site as I am a banker who likes to be able to share tips with my customers who are trying to find ways to get more $$ out of their paychecks and it is so frustrating when I have to tell someone that I am unable to get their loan needs approved. Budgeting is not an easy task to learn for everyone. I like the tips offered here.

    Then when I got to this site to browse....OMG...crafty stuff, homemade cleaning product recipes, mixes and recipes for so many things I use daily. I feel like I've just been dropped off into Disney World and I can go anywhere I want....I will have to set a timer for this site, like I have to do for Pinterest or l'll be lost in my little surfing time warp.

    Thank you, again, for creating such a wonderful site and keeping it FREE for all to share.

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    Hello banderchick and welcome to Budget 101!!
    Timer or no timer, it's great you found us here and hope you're here often!
    This site is such a huge resource of super useful information, tips, advice, discussions, recipes-food and nonfood, and etc...
    Liss really has created one of the absolutely -best- websites I've ever been a member it...Love It...LOVE IT!!
    Enjoy and best wishes!



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