Happy New Year from Southern California!

I've lived in California just about all of my life. It's a weird state, but where else can you live where you can get to the beach, mountains or desert in an hour or less? Besides, these old arthritic feet and knees probably couldn't take it anywhere else.

My DH passed away 4 years ago and I've recently lost my job of 27+ years. I'm happy to have found this site as the tips here just may help me survive until I can officially retire in 3 years. Besides, I thoroughly enjoy making just about anything - especially when it serves a useful purpose. I just picked up the supplies to make the super laundry sauce and can't wait to dive into that!

I live with 2 neurotic chihuahuas and 1 crabby cat. Love them to bits. I'm a crafty sort, so I'm sure I'll be sharing crafting ideas with you all soon!