Audiovox Mobiletv

With the Audiovox mobileTV Receiver with Dyle mobile TV, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable television. Use it around the house or around the country. Dyle mobile TV technology uses special mobile TV airwaves. Because it uses a TV signal an not the Internet, you avoid the buffering issues commonly found while watching mobile video online. With Dyle, no Internet or data plan is required. Watch live news, sports, and entertainment while you’re on-the-go from local broadcast channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Qubo, Telemundo, and Univision.

Audiovox mobiletv

Over 120 Stations Nationwide

Dyle mobileTV offers the ability to watch live, local broadcast television in select U.S. metropolitan areas. Not all channels are available in all cities. Coverage may vary across participating markets and by zip code within a market. More stations and markets will continue to be added. City coverage and stations are subject to change without notice. For up-to-date information on what stations may be available in your area, visit

Live TV for Apple and Android

Audiovox mobileTV works on today’s leading smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone 4/4S/5; new iPad and iPad2; and Android 4.0+ devices such as the Galaxy S3/S4 and Google Nexus. To get started, download the free Audiovox mobiletv with Dyle TV App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Compact, Wireless Design

Audiovox mobileTV is a compact TV receiver with a miniature telescopic antenna that connects to your device wirelessly. You have the flexibility to position the receiver for best reception: Next to your device, in your pocket, or across the room.

Live TV. Without Internet or Tapping Your Data Plan.

Watch live TV on your mobile device. Audiovox mobileTV is not streaming, therefore you won’t need an Internet connection, 3G/4G or a Wi-Fi hotspot to watch TV. Audiovox mobile TV does not touch your data plan and has a battery life of over four hours of TV viewing (includes USB charging cable).

Broad Coverage for Mobile TV Watching

Dyle mobile TV is constantly expanding to include new areas. You'll experience strong reception in major metropolitan areas across the US, including:

Atlanta, GA • Austin, TX • Birmingham, AL • Boston, MA • Charlotte, NC • Chicago, IL • Cincinnati, OH • Cleveland, OH • Columbus, OH • Dallas, TX • Dayton, OH • Denver, CO • Detroit, MI • Greenville, SC • Houston, TX • Kansas City, MO • Knoxville, TN • Las Vegas, NV • Los Angeles, CA • Miami, FL • Minneapolis, MN • Montgomery, AL • Nashville, TN • New York, NY • Orlando, FL • Philadelphia, PA • Pittsburgh, PA • Phoenix, AZ • Portland, OR • Raleigh, NC • San Francisco, CA • Seattle, WA • St. Louis, MO • Tampa, FL • Tulsa, OK • Washington, DC • West Palm Beach, FL

Coverage and station availability vary by city. Please copy and paste: Expires Jan 7, 2014

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