Hai Guys,
I'm Lyla...
i was lured by my sister here, because once upon a time she insisted that i should try her Home made shampoo & Conditioner, which she found on this lovely forum

Budget101.com - - No ‘Poo Shampoo- Learn why I haven’t washed my hair in a year and you shouldn’t either!

I was skeptical about it,
don't get me wrong...i'm love Frugal and smart budget ideas....on food or household stuff...
but this is new..(n i'm afraid i would go bald or swarmed with zits )

but i tried it anyway...(Don't we all love our sisters?)

at first it was 'meeh...a okay, but did i really rinse my hair ?? (whereee is the foamy thingy???)' kinda feeling...but after awhile i get used to it, n started to notice that my hair become sleek n well behaved..which proven how wrong and lost i was before.
So Thank you Liss for the awesome recipe, also for welcoming me to this forum.


Last but not least, I like to thank my sister for introducing me to this wonderful place.
I wov u sis...

Hope to meet fellow wanderer that also seen the light...