I just found this site and it looks pretty cool. I wanted to say hi this morning and introduce myself like the board asked. My husband and I live in rural southeast Idaho, where we have enough land to raise chickens for meat & eggs, and have a great garden. last year we were able to add a greenhouse that is attached to the south side of our house, which extends the growing season for us a lot, and also lets me grow a lot of things that I couldn't grow outside. We're a mile high in a zone 4, so we have a super short growing season & cold nights year round. We are lucky in that we raise/grow/hunt probably about 2/3 of our total food. On top of our chickens, we have a geriatric llama, 3 cats and 1 very spoiled yellow labrador retriever.

My husband is a retired game warden, and I am trying to finish a PhD in Biology. I am a wildlife biologist, and currently both of us are also employed at the aquatic facility in our little town. It looks like this is gonna be a great site to hang around in.