Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) from any phone

Google Voice Local Search
When you are asked for city and state, you can:
say the city and state like "beverly hills california".
say the zip, e.g. "nine-oh-two-one-oh".
type the zip code using the key pad, e.g. "9-0-2-1-0".
When you are asked for a business name or category, you can:
say a business name, like "Giovanni's pizzeria".
say a category name, like "hardware stores".
say "go back" to change city and state.
When browsing through results, you can:

say the listing number (e.g. "number two") or press the corresponding key (e.g. "2") to choose a listing or navigate between results.
say "text message" or press "9" to receive a text message, when you are calling from a mobile phone.
say "details" to get more information about the current listing.
say "start over" or press "*" to start from the main menu.
say "go back" to change business or category.