Have you tried using a phone connecting cable in your car for your MP3 player or SmartPhone and been bothered by a "hum" that accompanies the sound??? The best way to avoid that bothersome humming is to connect directly into your car's AUX port so you get pure sound without interference from the car's electrical system.?? The Kensington Noise Reducing Car Audio AUX Cable lets you do that easily and efficiently.

The direct AUX connection and noise reducing technology of the Kensington AUX Audio Cable combine to deliver clear, clean sound through your car's stereo.?? The 4 foot long, 3.5mm audio cable is braided for long term durability and to keep it from tangling.?? The cable plugs into your car's AUX port and into the headphone jack of your portable device.?? And you're in business.?? The only humming you'll hear will be your own!

Note: Your car must be equipped with an auxiliary port (most newer models are) and your device must come with a 3.5 mm headset jack.


  • Reduces hum from your car's electrical system
  • Provides a direct connection to your car's AUX (auxiliary) port for pure sound
  • Cable braiding for strength, durability and limited tangle
  • 4-ft long, 3.5mm audio cable

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