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Adventure Town
Supersolid Ltd
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 25, 2013

HEROES WANTED! Our once magnificent town has been destroyed by terrifying monsters and bone-chilling beasts! Please help us return our town to its former glory, and we will reward you handsomely. Place tempting new shops and houses in the town to attract mighty heroes in search of adventure, then customize the heroes and make them the greatest fighting legends in history! Only YOU can make our world great once more and save us from the evil forces of darkness!

• Build shops, houses and decorations to create your own unique town!
• Attract heroes that can be highly customized and strengthened!
• Fend off deadly monster attacks; anything can happen in this strange land!
• Explore the Desert, Grassland, Volcano and Waterfall regions in your monster-bashing campaigns!
• Fight Lord Darkness and his mega-evil Bosses in epic encounters which will shake the very foundations of your city!
• Quests and a Bounty Board provide continuous challenges and exciting rewards!
• Compare progress against friends with full achievements and a leaderboard to battle for top position!
• Play Adventure Town anywhere! Network connection NOT required!


5/5 – Great game!

5/5 – This game is so addictive and fun! If only we could encourage more people to play it! It’s totally unique and you can customize your characters and rename them! Makes them all have a personal touch!

5/5 – There are so many options for upgrading your heroes, city and buildings. There are daily challenges that give good rewards and constantly tasks you can perform. All in all a great game for all ages and families!

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