One of my grocery stores credits me 3 cents per used plastic bag that
I use for my groceries and I think 5 to 7 cents per used paper bag. I
brought and used 9 plastic bags at the store today and saved 27 cents
as a result.

Also Staples with credit you $3 per ink cartridge that you recycle
through them.

If your a teacher, take advantage of it. Several office supplie
stores have teacher reward cards. Staples has one, and I have
recieved several in store checks from them. One was for $40. Also
you can get free stuff on occasion. They were giving out tote bags
full of school supplies in August. Other stores, that I know of, with
teacher reward cards are Jo Ann Fabrics and Borders book store.

Do you like pizza? Well go to the pizza place's website for printable
coupons. Pizza Hut has this option.

If your community does not offer recycling pick up, see if there is a
recycling company or drop off center in your area. One place I lived
had a few of these located behind grocery stores. They gave you money
for how many pounds you were recycling. Then they printed out a
voucher which you could cash at the grocery store.

It is amazing how much money you can save just buy putting your change
into a jar. I need my quarters for laundry, but I put all my other
change into a jar. At the end of one month I had collected in

change. My mom does this all the time. She had $60 in change when I
last saw her. We cashed it and went shopping. Also place any $1
bills in this jar. This way you only carry larger bills with you and
you save a lot more money in your jar.

Don't forget about your local school either. Saving those "Box top
for 10 cents" things that you find on cereal boxes, soup, fruit
snacks, etc, you can help your local school raise money. Just stop by
their office to see if they collect them.