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Technology is changing the way we learn, making the process more fun, interactive and effective!
A+ Interactive Math by TutorSoft Inc. offers you highly animated interactive MATH lessons to teach fraction concepts to your child! By using visual, audio, and interactive textual teaching models, learning and practicing fractions will keep your children attentive and engaged!
Multiplication comes to life for young students as they work their way through this supplemental program!

Who is it for?
Elementary Students
Teachers & Homeschoolers

What is included?
Highly animated, concise and to-the-point lessons with all three learning modalities (Audio, Visuals and Text) to increase understanding of concepts.
Interactive Review helps identify and close learning gaps immediately as it automatically re-teaches concepts.
Enhances student learning with practice problem solving, feedback and step-by-step instructions.
Curriculum Book provides easy access to lessons in eBook format.
Printable worksheets and exams allow students flexibility to practice problem solving with pen & paper.
Worksheet Solution Guide provides step-by-step solutions to each printable worksheet.
Exams Solution Guide provides step-by-step solutions to each printable exam.

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