Swingline Stack-and-Shred 60X Hands Free Shredder, Cross-cut, 60 Sheets, 1 User

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Shred hands free to save time.

Increase security.

Cross-cut shreds in two directions.

By eliminating the need to manually feed papers, you can work on other tasks while the shredder shreds for you. The 60X model can automatically shred as many as 60 sheets, including those fastened with paper clips or staples. Simply insert a stack of 60 letter size sheets into the autofeed tray, shut the lid, and you're done. For glossy papers and crumpled or folded sheets a manual shredding slot is also included, which shreds up to 5 sheets at once. Manual feeding is also required for credit cards. The 60X is a cross-cut shredder, delivering Level P-3 security that is suitable for everyday shredding. One sheet of paper is shredded into approximately 200 pieces and caught in a 4-gallon waste bin. The Swingline Stack-and-Shred 60X Hands Free Shredder is an innovative, automatic shredder that simplifies shredding and helps you get more things done during your day.


Quiet Operation
Noticeably quieter than competitive models, these shredders will not disturb others.

Recyclable Paper Bag Compatible
The shredder bin can be lined with custom sized recyclable paper bags, made from recycled paper. (Sold separately)

Shreds Credit Cards*, Staples, and Paper Clips
Shred all documents faster with powerful cutters that shred credit cards as well as papers with paper clips or staples. *Credit cards must be shredded through the manual feed slot.

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