The Vietnam War: A Very Brief Historyby Mark Black

Want to learn more about history, but don’t think you have the time? Think again.

‘The Vietnam War: A Very Brief History’ is a fast-paced narrative giving all the essential details of the world’s most important Cold War-era conflict; a war that unleashed devastating consequences for Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and provoked a backlash of anti-war protests in the US. For many, it defined a generation.

The Very Brief History series is intended to give the reader a short, concise account of the most important events in world history. Each book provides the reader with the essential facts concerning a particular event or person; no distractions, just the essential facts, allowing the reader to master the subject in the shortest time possible.

With The Very Brief History series, anyone can become a history expert! The Vietnam War: A Very Brief History eBook: Mark Black: Kindle Store