Randall's grocery store has polar bear dolls on the very top rack of the Coke products.

The barcode is 047475240357. They are white with red Coca-Cola scarf, about 6 inches tall.

Printed on the box is a notice saying 'Free with Purchase of 3 Coca-Cola products.'

I bought 4 large Coke bottles (on sale about a dollar each, minimum 4) and went to self-checkout.

The bear scanned for $8.99, so I took the clerk back and showed him the box, then he manually removed the charge for the bear.

This will make a nice free Christmas present for an entire family as "Movie Night" if presented in a gift basket with some homemade popcorn mixes, a 2 liter bottle of soda, and the little polar bear and a Redbox rental Gift Certificate card good for 3 movies.

Total Gift = less than $10