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Nozomi - Clash of Zombies
Genre: Games
Release Date: August 29, 2013

Neutron radiation made many humans become zombies! You need to fix the spaceship Nozomi to unlock more technology to defend zombie's attack!

"This is an exciting SLG with apocalyptic zombie theme."
"If you are looking for a sci-fi strategy combat game, this is the game for you!"

You need to build and develop the Laser Tower, Electrical Tower and Scud Missile for resisting the Zombies' attacks while fixing the Nozomi! You may also capture Zombies or train Mutants to attack other bases.

-- Download your particular battle video to your mobile and share it with your friends to compete with each other!
-- Zombies will attack your base, while your successful defense will capture Zombies to fight for you!
-- Create or join a League to lead the League War! Mutual assistance is available between you and your allies!
-- Train Mutants to seize resource from other bases!
-- Fix the Nozomi to unlock more technology!



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