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    Default Photo Christmas Ornament

    Ok, so I'm getting into the holiday craft making spirit. LOL

    Photo Christmas Ornament


    Scrap poster board, any color, or lightweight cardboard.

    Scrap batting ( I like baby quilt batting)

    2 fabric scraps of choice colors, solid or design, cut 1/2 to 1 inch larger
    than circle/design

    Trim of desired choice, cording, lace, ribbon, etc.

    Piece of heavy flexible plastic (like from a notebook cover)

    Scrap of matching ribbon, cording or yarn for hanger

    Picture of your choice.

    Glue or hot glue gun

    Scissors (NEVER use your good fabric scissors to cut paper - with the
    exception of pattern papers - it will ruin them)


    Cut two (2) four (4) inch circles. (If you're so talented, you could instead
    of circle, cut out a design, like a cat, dog, tree, house, etc.)

    In one circle cut 2-21/2 inch circle,* discard

    For circle without center cutout, cover with fabric, turning excess under
    and gluing. **

    For circle with 21/2 half-inch hole, cut quilt batting to fit circle and
    spot glue to circle, cut out center.

    Center and place choice of fabric over cardboard and batting, do not cut out
    center. If you make your own design, make sure fabric is at least 1 inch
    larger than cardboard all around design.

    Cut slices in center hole (like pie slice) and fold and glue under.

    Fold and glue under edges.

    Add lace or cording to edge and glue.

    Add hanger and glue securely

    Center plastic over hole and glue

    Center picture over hole and tack glue.

    Center two pieces together, gluing around edge.***

    Hang on tree, give as gift, or use as package ornament as a little extra


    * You can cut any shape cutout you want, heart, square, etc. Circle seems
    easier to work with.

    **You do not have to cover the back cardboard if you do not want. I usually
    put the name of the person in the picture and date it, for future
    generations. (If you want to cover with fabric, you could cut opening in
    fabric and tuck under and have place to print name of person and date of
    photo or gift (straight line with diagonal cut at each end and turn under
    exposing cardboard.) .

    ***If you want, you can leave a small opening (at least 2 ? inches) and
    insert picture later. If you do this, leave opening at side.

    Most any fabric will do. A brocade fabric is pretty, or anything silky or
    shiny would be pretty, as would any country fabric. If you do a theme
    Christmas tree, select fabric to match tree.
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    Just got to thinking (scary thought) as I was straightening up my kitchen.
    You could also use cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc. (I'd put the print to
    the inside) instead of poster board
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