One of the most anticipated CPU products this year is Core i7-4960X, that will take place of the Core i7-3970X as the fastest consumer processor. The first details on this model surfaced in March 2013, when VR-Zone news site published specifications of three upcoming Ivy Bridge-E models. Shortly after that, in April, a user in coolaler forum posted preliminary benchmarks of the chip, that showed about 5% - 8% better performance in synthetic tests over the 3970X. A sample of the i7-4960X CPU was also tested Tom's Hardware site in July, and they noted its significantly lower power consumption in comparison with previous generation of i7-39xx microprocessors. As of beginning of August, Intel 4960X was available for pre-order in one US online shop for the same price as the Core i7-3970X. The CPU is expected to launch from September 4 to September 11. Expires Oct 15, 2013

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