Gum Guy Cupids
There's no better way to say "I'm stuck on you" than with one of these
treat-bearing suitors.

? 2 sticks of gum (in their wrappers)
? Double-sided tape
? Scissors
? Pipe cleaner
? Colored card stock
? Glue stick
? Aluminum foil or colored paper
? Googly eyes and mini stickers
? Colored markers (optional)
Time needed: Under 1 Hour
Step 1:
Cover one side of a wrapped stick of gum with double-sided tape. Cut a pipe
cleaner in half and place the pieces atop the gum stick, centered
horizontally, one for the cupid's arms and the other for his legs. Stack the
second gum stick on top and gently press down to stick all the pieces

together. Then bend the pipe cleaner limbs into interesting poses.
Step 2:
Now cut a heart-shaped face from card stock and glue on foil or paper hair.
Attach googly eyes and a mini sticker mouth (or simply use markers to draw
on facial features). Glue or tape the face to the body. Then dress up your
Gum Guy with sticker buttons and bow ties, as much as you wish. For a
finishing touch, on a small piece of paper, print a Valentine's message,
such as "Stick with me," to pop in his hand.