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    Star Free gift from Planters Peanuts

    watch a video or complete other tasks to get a free gift from Planters. You can only choose one item and it requires a lengthy participation in order to get it!

    Merchandise Redemption Guidelines:

    1) Succ-sweat Bands
    Task: Share the Site
    A user can redeem a set of Succ-sweat Bands (1 headband/2 armbands) if they click to share the site. This constitutes:

    Going to any page on the site
    Clicking either the Facebook, Twitter, Email social share options in the top site navigation

    2) Power of the Peanut Power Tie
    Task: Watch All Site Videos
    A user can redeem one Power of the Peanut Power Tie if they watch all (11) site videos. This constitutes:

    Watching the following videos:
    Introduction to the Power of the Peanut:
    Harness the Power at Work:
    The Lover's Nut:
    Nature's Tiny Miracle:
    The Personal Peanut:
    A Gift from Nature:
    Successtimonial Gary:
    Successtimonial Jack and Elaine:
    Successtominial Brittni Phillips:
    Successtimonial Eugene Fuller:
    Successtimonial Tim Duffney:

    3) Keys to Success Keychain:
    Task: Complete the Wellness Program
    A user can redeem one Keys to Success Keychain the Wellness Program. This constitutes:

    Going to the Wellness Section:
    Watching Nature's Tiny Miracle:
    Watching Successtimonial Eugene Fuller:

    Going to The Science Diagram and rolling over all (8) diagram hot spots:

    4) "Someone Else's Lunch" Bag
    Task: Learn All Faces of Success
    A user can redeem one Someone Else's Lunch Bag if they learn all of the Faces of Success. This constitutes:

    Going to the following URL:
    Playing all Faces of Success to completion:
    Classic Arm Fold
    The Double Impact Point
    Drink it all In
    Fists of Mastery
    Brow Lift Chin Strap
    Future Forward
    Down to Your Level
    Laser Vision.


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    Default Re: Free gift from Planters Peanuts

    T-shirt is available now!
    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela



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