List Price: $24.99 Deal Price: $9.99 You Save: $15.00 (60%) 3D Breakthrough Puzzles are a unique patent-pending puzzle system that uses real 3D innovation to create stunning works of art. 3D Breakthrough puzzles unite the traditional flat-art jigsaw puzzle with 3D technology. Puzzlers first put together and glue the jigsaw puzzle, and then use specially-designed clips to construct the unique cardboard pieces into 3D components, creating images that fit seamlessly into the overal puzzle artwork. Level 3 features a 300 piece flat jigsaw and a 3D build that consists of a large amount of complex folding techniques. "The Watcher" (Wolf)-Perfect for the wolf enthusiast, this 300 piece puzzle features a dramatic 3D wolf build. Ages 12+/ Level 3: Advanced Expires Oct 7, 2013

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