Canadian Recall: Monster Ball Yo-Yo Balls

Starting date:
September 6, 2013

Posting date:
September 6, 2013

Type of communication:
Consumer Product Recall


Source of recall:
Health Canada

Product Safety, Choking Hazard

General Public

Identification number:

Product description

This recall involves colourful yo-yo balls made of soft plastic. The balls have a soft stretchy plastic body and a stretchable plastic finger loop. Each ball also has a monster face and 12 hard plastic drop shaped weighted hands of differing colours. The yo-yo balls are about the size of a softball and are sold in various colours. The body of the ball lights up with flashing lights when bounced on a surface.
Hazard identified

Yo-yo type balls and similar products are banned in Canada because they present a hidden risk of strangulation to children. Also, the weighted hands on these balls can become detached, thereby releasing small metallic beads which can pose choking and aspiration hazards to children.

Health Canada has been made aware of one incident in Canada where the weighted hands became detached from this product. No injuries were reported.

Number sold

Approximately eight units were sold in Canada at Sunflower Gift Shop, however they may have been sold at other retail shops across Canada.
Time period sold

The affected products were sold in Canada from June 2013 to July 2013.

Place of origin

The place of manufacture is unknown.

Sunflower Gift Shop
Prince Edward Island

What you should do

Consumers should cut off the stretchy cords from the affected toys and dispose of the whole toy in regular household garbage. Consumers may also return the product to Sunflower Gift Shop for a full refund.

For more information, consumers may contact Sunflower Gift Shop by telephone at 1-902-888-2996