New Orleans Bread Pudding
10 oz French bread;stale crumbled
4 cup Milk
1 1/4 cup Sugar
3 each Egg
2 T Vanilla
1 cup Coconut,
1 cup Pecans; chopped
1 cup Raisins
1 T Cinnamon,
1 T Nutmeg
Combine all ingredients. Mixture should be very
moist but not soupy. Pour into buttered 9 x 12 or
larger baking dish. Place into non-preheated oven.
Bake at 350 for approx 1 hr 15 min until top is
golden brown. Sauce: Cream butter and sugar over

med heat till all butter is absorbed. Remove from
heat and blend in egg yolk. Pour in bourbon
gradually to taste, stirring constantly. Sauce
thickens as it cooks. Serve warm over warm
pudding, or cold over cold (or warm over cold etc.).

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