FREE 64MB USB Thumb Drive - ManiaPlay

Our games are free... and now so is our USB!
Get a free 64mb USB flash drive with our brand on it absolute free! All you have to do is fill out the form below!

Contest Rules and Regulations

Contest is only valid while supplies last. at its sole discretion may determine a person ineligible for our free USB offer; reasons for ineligibility include but are not limited to:

1) Repeat or multiple entries from one household, server, IP address, etc.,
2) Invalid or incomplete shipping information.

3) Residence in a country where the distribution of computer hardware is restricted and/or living outside
the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain or France.
4) Any attempt at fraud or mischief in an effort to try and cheat the system, damage games or gamers, etc.

ManiaPlay reserves the right to end the contest at any time for any reason. Requests for free USBs will be processed in a first come first serve basis. However should the situation or demand dictate, ManiaPlay reserves the right to randomly distribute USBs so as to accurately represent our gaming audience.