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Jan Veit
Genre: Games
Release Date: April 4, 2012

Green, Yellow, Blue or Red? That cant be that hard, right!?

Wrong! And if its not, Colorblind! will make it hard for you!

Colorblind! is the perfect game for some spare seconds (or minutes or hours)!
Test your reaction and colorawareness!

Now its your turn to get addicted to the 4 colors ^^

Compete in 5 different Gamecenterleagues!
13 achievements are waiting for you ^^
Compare statistics in 9 rankings.

Train your brain and the ability to make quick (and correct!) decisions. You also need this ability in lots of sports (football, basketball...).

"Amazingly addicting game."

"Surprisingly this was Amazing and fun"

"The best brain teaser game you will ever play! ! !"

"This is a very fun and very addictive game love it"

"This is a great game!! It's very addicting... each game you play when it's over you want to beat your last score and play again and again"

© Jan Veit

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