Giant Hershey Kiss

1/4 cup margarine or butter
1- 10 oz package of marshmallows, mini or regular size (4 cups total)
5 cups crisped rice cereal, regular or chocolate
large bowl and spoon
cooking spray or oil/shortening
aluminum foil
piece of thin cardboard
waxed paper
two plastic baggies
felt-tipped pen
an adult to help you

Spray microwave-safe, large mixing bowl with cooking spray so mixture
won't stick to the sides. Place marshmallows and margarine in bowl.
Microwave on high for 1 minute. Mix well. Microwave on high for one
minute more and then stir. Be careful not to burn yourself on the hot
marshmallow-margarine mix. Get an adult to help you.

Add cereal and stir until coated. Let mixture cool for a few minutes
while you make base of big kiss.

Trace a plate onto piece of thin cardboard and cut out. Trace again on
waxed paper and cut out.

Make an "x" out of two sheets of foil, then place cardboard circle in the
center, followed by waxed paper. This is the base and the wrapping for
the kiss.

Spray two baggies with cooking spray and place on hands (cooking spray
side out!) . Place cooled crispy mix onto waxed paper and cardboard circles
and shape into kiss. The baggies will keep your hands from getting yucky.

When you've shaped your kiss the way you like it, spray the inside of the foil
with cooking spray (so kiss won't stick to it) and lift foil sides towards top
kiss, wrapping to look like a Hershey Kiss.

Write a special message or "Big Kiss" on a thin strip of white paper. Crepe
paper works good too. Give to a friend or your mom or dad.

To Eat
Have an adult cut it with a knife and eat wedges of the Big Kiss. My favorite
kind is chocolate - yum!

Note: You can use this idea to wrap cookies, candies and other homemade
treats as a giant kiss.